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Trip Duration

16 Days – 15 Nights

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See more and more in Egypt, see what is missing in regular tours, we will have great chance to explore all regions of interest in Egypt and more hidden monuments not included in short trips, the trip hidden highlight are Wadi El Natrun, Fayoum, Menya, Dendara and Abydos, beside Cairo, Luxor and Aswan major attractions, also we will have white desert exploration during our tour to have a complete Egypt adventure trip

Program Itinerary Summary
Day 1

Arrive to Cairo and met by Stylish Holidays representative and transfer to hotel in Cairo for overnight.

Day 2

Visit Egyptian Museum of antiques in down town of Cairo and Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx
Free time afternoon in Cairo
Overnight at hotel in Cairo

Day 3

Visit Sakkara and Mohamed Ali Mosque inside Salah El Din Citadel
Spend free time at Khan el Khalili bazaar
Overnight at hotel in Cairo

Day 4

Transfer to Alexandria with air conditioned coach and visit Wadi El Natrun en route
Spend free time in Alexandria and overnight at hotel in Alexandria

Day 5

Visit catacombs of Kom Al Shoqafa, Greco Roman Museum, Pompeii’s Pillar and the Fortress of Qaitbey
Transfer back to Cairo and overnight at hotel in Cairo

Day 6

Early Morning, transfer to Bahareya oasis with visits to Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, and White Desert
Overnight under tents in the desert

Day 7

Transfer back from Bahareya Oasis to Fayoum with 4X4. Visit the Wadi Hitan (Valley of Whales) and visit Wadi El Rayan.
Overnight at hotel in Fayoum

Day 8

Transfer from Fayoum to Menia
Visit Karanis and Hawara Pyramids
Visit Beni Hassan Necropolis
Overnight at hotel in Menya

Day 9

Transfer from Menya to Sohag on the way
Visit Tell El Amarna, Tuna Al Gabal and Hermopolis
Overnight at hotel in Menya

Day 10

Transfer from Sohag to Luxor
Visit Abydos and Dendara
Continue with car to Luxor and overnight at hotel in Luxor

Day 11

Visit Valley of the Kings, temple of El Deir El Bahari and Colossi of Memnon
Visit Karnak and Luxor temples
Overnight at hotel in Luxor 

Day 12

Continue our trip to the south to Aswan, and en route we will visit Edfu Temple of Hours and Kom Ombo Temple
Overnight at hotel in Aswan

Day 13

Visit High Dam, temple of Philae and unfinished Obelisk at Granite quarries
Overnight at hotel in Aswan

Day 14

Early morning we travel by car to Abu Simbel to visit Abu Simbel temples, and return back to Aswan afternoon and transfer to Aswan train station
Sleeper train to Cairo

Day 15

Free time afternoon
Overnight at hotel in Cairo

Day 16

Transfer to Cairo airport for final departure

Sightseeing Highlights

Egyptian Museum

Pyramids of Giza


Sakkara complex

Pyramid of Djoser

Saladin Citadel

Alabaster Mosque

Khan El Khalili

Wadi Al Natrun

monastery of Syrian


catacombs of Kom Al Shoqafa

Greco Roman Museum

Pompeii’s Pillar

Fortress of Qaitbey

Fayoum Oasis

Wadi Al Rayan

Wadi Hitan


Hawara Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid


Beni Hassan Necropolis

tombs of Beni Hassan

Tell El Amarna

Tuna Al Gabal


tomb of Petosiris


temple of Dendara

Luxor West bank

Valley of the Kings

Temple of Hatshepsut

Colossi of Memnon

Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple

Temple of Horus

Temple of Kom Ombo

Temple of Philae

Agilika Island

High Dam

unfinished obelisk

Felucca ride

Abu Simbel

Sleeper train

Bahareya Oasis

Black Desert

crystal mountain


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival – Cairo

Stylish Holidays representative will be waiting for us at Cairo international airport, and he will meet and assist us through custom formalities and luggage area, then we will be transferred to our hotel in Cairo for our first night

Day 2: Cairo

Breakfast at hotel, and then we will start our first visits in Egypt to the Egyptian Museum, and the most famous attractions in the world
We will drive through Cairo till we reach El Tahrir Square, where we will visit the Egyptian Museum hosting the largest collection of Pharaonic displays in the whole world including the startling treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun and the Royal mummies' hall, this besides many other exhibitions form different Pharaonic periods
Later, we will go to have our lunch en route to Giza, then we will reach the Pyramids of Giza, the most popular monument in the whole world, built by the pharaohs from the period starting from 2590 BC to 2480 BC, and after that we will see the Great Sphinx
At the afternoon, we will return back to our hotel for free time for relaxation or go to explore Cairo by night with one of Stylish Holidays optional tours in Cairo
Then, we will spend the overnight at hotel in Cairo

Day 3: Cairo

Breakfast at hotel, and then we will go for a long tour to see more ancient Egyptian sites, we will start by Sakkara complex, the necropolis of the third dynasty of the Pharaonic Old Kingdom. This rich archeological site hosts a number of pyramids, with the startling step Pyramid of Djoser built in 2665 BC, which is the oldest proper pyramid ever built in Egypt and the most ancient rock structure built in the history of humankind. Also, there are many richly decorated tombs.
Later, we will go back to Cairo, and we will have our lunch en route back to Cairo. We will go after that to see Saladin Citadel, built by the great Ayoubid king and warrior, Salah El Dine Al Ayouby between 1176 and 1183 AD to protect Cairo and Egypt against the foreign attacks. The citadel became the seat of the power in Egypt for a very long period afterwards. Also, we will see the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali lactated inside the citadel. Mohamed Ali, who is considered the founder of Modern Egypt, decided to build this amazing mosque between 1830 and 1848 AD to look like the great mosques built by the Ottomans in Istanbul, like the famous Aya Sofia Mosque
After that we will go to Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the largest and most famous touristic market in the world. It was built in 1382 during the Mamluk reign, is the best place to shop for Egyptian gifs and souvenirs to take home from Cairo.
Later we will return back to our hotel for free time and overnight

Day 4: Cairo – Alexandria

After breakfast at Cairo hotel, we will check out and drive from Cairo to Alexandria, in our way to Alexandria we will stop in Wadi Al Natrun, 100 kilometers North West Cairo, to visit the monastery of Syrian, which was first established in 431 AD, was named the Syrian, because many of the monks who used to live inside it was from Syria and is the most ancient monastery to be established in Wadi Al Natrun.
It is said that the holy family has visited the area where the monastery was built during their journey in Egypt Later we arrive to Alexandria, and check in at our hotel
We will enjoy a free time in Alexandria at evening and spend the overnight at hotel

Day 5:  Alexandria – Cairo

After breakfast at hotel, we will join our tour guide to explore Alexandria, we will visit catacombs of Kom Al Shoqafa, the most ancient and mysterious Alexandrian ancient necropolis. The Catacombs, which is a three underground floor spooky necropolis, was first established around the 2nd century BC. This amazing burial site is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the middle Ages.
Later we will visit the Greco Roman Museum, founded by the Khedive Abbas Hemly II in 1892, most of the displays belonging to the Roman period date back to the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD.
After that we will visit Pompeii’s Pillar, which was built in 292 AD as a part of the temple of the Serapis that was stood there. The Pompy's pillar is 27.85 meters high and it was made out of pure red granite. Beside the pillar there are two statues of sphinxes dating back to the Ptolemy VI.
Then we will go to visit the most famous landmarks of Alexandria, the Fortress of Qaitbey who was a famous Mamluk leader and warrior in the 15th century AD.  He used the stones that remained from the collapsed ancient Pharonic Light house to construct his fortress at the western edge of Alexandria in 1477. The fortress is one of the amazing examples of the military structures of the Mamluk time
After that we will travel back to Cairo for our overnight

Day 6: Cairo – Bahareya Oasis

After breakfast at hotel, we will start our journey to Egyptian Western desert; we will head towards Bahareya Oasis, we will have lunch en route, and then we continue to visit the Black desert, Crystal mountain, and white desert
Overnight at tents in the desert

Day 7: White Desert – Valley of Whales – Fayoum Oasis

After breakfast at desert camp, we will ride our 4x4 cars and continue our desert trip to Fayoum Oasis one of the interesting oases of Egypt and the home of many monuments and amazing natural scenery. We will visit the protected area of Wadi Al Rayan, One of the most interesting and popular natural protected areas in Egypt. The site is huge and divided into seven sections the most famous among them are the waterfalls, the only ones in Egypt, and Wadi Hitan, an area that contains skeletons and fossils of ancient whales.
The natural scenes and the wild life in Wadi Al Rayan are marvelous, later we will see the villages of the Fayoum depression to view the natural greenery, palms trees, waterwheels, and peasants life of the inhabitants of the Fayoum
At the evening, we will overnight at hotel in Fayoum Oasis

Day 8: Fayoum Oasis – Menya

After breakfast at hotel in Fayoum oasis, we will continue our journey to Menya, and in our way we will visit the archeological site of Karanis, the ruins of this city that dates back to the Greco Roman era contain two temples both dedicated to the Sobek, the crocodile god.
Afterwards, we will see the most interesting pyramid of the Fayoum, the Hawara Pyramid. This stricter was built by Amenptah of the 12th dynasty and was part of a huge complex in the past. The Pyramids is the only remaining monument is the pyramid that is 58 meters high and some historical tombs dating from the New Kingdom era, after that we will see Meidum Pyramid, constructed by Senefru, the father of Cheops, the builder of the Great Pyramid in Giza. This pyramid was the very first attempt to construct a proper pyramid in Egypt by filling the gaps in every "Mastaba" in each level of the pyramid, however, one of the layers collapsed and Senefru had to abandon the whole site.
Later we will visit the Beni Hassan Necropolis, carved into limestone mountains, this burial site belongs to the Middle Kingdom of the Pharaohs (2055 – 1650 BC). The tombs of Beni Hassan belong to the military leaders of this area and they are considered a transition between the Old Kingdom style of burial chambers and the New Kingdom.
Later we will check in at our hotel for overnight in Menya

Day 9: Menya – Sohag

Breakfast at hotel in Menya, and then we drive to Soahg, our first stop for sightseeing will be Tell El Amarna, Which was the capital of Akhenaton. This city was once an impressive city that was stretched over a surface area of 15 kilometers from North to South. Most of City beauty is now lost except from some ruins of the great temple of Aten, the sun god, and some other ruins of temples and palaces.
We will continue to Tuna Al Gabal, the necropolis of the ancient city of Hermopolis, the cult center of the god Thoth. This burial site includes many streets and tombs.
The most remarkable among them is the tomb of Petosiris, the high priest of Throth in the 4th century BC containing beautiful wall paintings
After that, we will visit Hermopolis, believed by the ancient Egyptians to be one of the sites of creation. This city was the center of the worship of Thoth, the god of wisdom.  The ruins of this temple include 24 huge columns and four baboons statues.
Later, we will head to our hotel for overnight in Menya

Day 10: Sohag – Dendara – Abydos - Luxor

We will have our breakfast at hotel, and check our to continue our trip to the south, we will stop in our way in the city of Sohag to visit Abydos, the cult center of the worship of Osiris, the god of the dead. It was the dream of every member of the community during ancient times to make the pilgrimage to this site and to be buried here. Abydos was a vast city with many walls, lakes, and temples. But now the only structure that is worth visiting is the impressive temple of the Seti I (1294- 1279 BC)
Later, we will explore one of the most remarkable and exotic Pharaonic monuments in Egypt, the temple of Dendara, where Hathour gave birth to the son of Horus. This temple was the center of the worship of Hathour since pre dynastic times. The whole complex was buried under the sand until the 19th century. Maybe this is why it is still perfectly preserved. This temple was built during the Greco Roman era imitating the Pharaonic style of architecture
Later, we will continue our journey to the south, till we reach Luxor
We will check in at our hotel for relaxation and overnight

Day 11:  Luxor

We will start our visits after breakfast at hotel. We will cross to Luxor West bank and head to Valley of the Kings, the necropolis of the Pharaonic New Kingdom. Starting from 17th dynasty, the Pharaonic Kings tried to hide their royal tombs from robbers.
This was why they began to dig their tombs deep inside a Theban mountain that has a natural pyramid structure. These tombs have the finest colored decorations with the famous tomb of Tut Ankh Amun discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 and may other royal tombs belonging to the kings of the 18th and the 19th dynasty.
After that we will see the mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. This temple was constructed by the 18th dynasty Queen Hatshepsut (1473 – 1458 BC) as a unique structure rising from the desert in the shape of imposing terraces. This temple was used as a monastery in the Christian era. This is why it is famous for the name "El Deir Al Bahry", or the Western Monastery.
Our last visit today at West Bank of Luxor is the gigantic Colossi of Memnon. These two 18 meters high statues are the only remaining items of the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III.
Later, we will return back to Luxor city at the East side of Nile river, and we will continue to visit The Karnak Temple, the largest religious Pharaonic structure ever built in the world. The kings of the Pharaohs staring from the 11th dynasty (2055 – 1985 BC) began adding their mark, one after the other, to this huge complex of Pharaonic temples. The Karnak temple includes the breathtaking hypostyle hall of the god Amun built by Ramses II in 1244 BC, the sacred lake of god Amun, and many more attractions. Also, we will visit Luxor Temple, dedicated to the holy Theban triad, the gods Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, it is one of the finest examples of the Pharaonic architecture. Although the construction work of the temple was mainly completed by Amenhotep III (1390 – 1352 BC) and Ramses II (1279 1213 BC), many kings who came afterwards have added their marks to this great complex including Alexander the Great.
Then we will return back to our hotel for overnight

Day 12: Luxor – Edfu – Kom Ombo - Aswan  

After breakfast at hotel, we check out and proceed with our journey to the south, we will stop and visit Temple of Horus in Edfu, which is the largest and best preserved Ptolemaic temple in Egypt. The building work of the temple started during the reign of Ptolemy III in 237 BC and the construction continued until 80 BC. The temple includes wonderfully decorated walls and stone capitals. After that we will continue our trip to visit the amazing Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to two gods; Horus, the falcon god, and Sobek, the crocodile god. The Greco-Roman temple is famous for its matchless location overlooking the Nile. Construction work of the temple started in the 2nd century BC by Ptolemy VI and was completed during the reign of Ptolemy XII during the 1st century AD.
Later, we reach Aswan city, and check in at our hotel for overnight

Day 13: Aswan

Breakfast at hotel in Aswan before we start our tour in this amazing southern city, we will see one of the most beautiful temples constructed in Egypt, the Temple of Philae
This fabulous temple dedicated to the goddess Isis was constructed as one of the finest examples of the combined architecture of ancient Egyptians and the Greco-Romans styles. This temple, due to the construction of the High Dam was all covered with water until it was relocated in its present day location in the Agilika Island by the UNESCO project that took 8 years from 1972 to 1980 to be completed
Our next visit will be to the High Dam, built by the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1960s to reserve the Nile Water that was lost every year in the artificial Nasser Lake. The High Dam that was viewed as an architectural miracle at the time, also generates a lot of the electricity consumed in Egypt
Afterwards we will go to visit the famous unfinished obelisk, a gigantic granite obelisk dating back to the Pharaohs New Kingdom. If this huge obelisk was completed it would have weighed more than 1197 tons. Afternoon, we will enjoy a relaxing Felucca ride down the Nile to feel the magic of this great river in Aswan.
Afternoon, we will have free time in Aswan or you can go with an optional tour to explore the city
Overnight at hotel in Aswan

Day 14: Aswan – Abu Simbel – Sleeper train – Cairo

After early breakfast at hotel, we will go to the south for the most interesting places, Abu Simbel city, where we will see Abu Simble Temple, which is a startling temple built to honor Ramses II. Abu Simble great temple and the smaller temple of Hathour were hewn out of a stone cliff. This huge breathtaking monument was built for the worship of the gods Amun, Ptah, Ra-Hakharty. The most fascinating feature of Abu Simble is the four colossi of Ramses which are 33 meters high. The whole complex was relocated by the UNESCO in 1970s after the construction of the High Dam.
Later, we will return back to Aswan for our night train to Cairo starting from Aswan railway station
We will spend the night onboard of sleeper train to Cairo

Day 15: Sleeper train - Cairo

Upon arrival to Cairo early morning, we will be transferred to our hotel for check in
Rest of day we will have free time in Cairo
Overnight at hotel in Cairo

Day 16: Cairo – Final departure

We will have our last breakfast at hotel in Cairo, and check out
Our Stylish Holidays representative will pick up us from hotel and transfer us to Cairo airport for final departure from Egypt


Prices & Dates


Departure Dates
DateGroup SizeAvailablePrice in DoublePrice in SingleSituation
On Request 12 12

On Request


Package includes
  • 5 nights at hotel in Cairo with breakfast
  • 1 night at hotel in Alexandria with breakfast
  • 1 night at camp in White desert with all meals
  • 1 night at hotel in Fayoum with breakfast and dinner
  • 2 nights at hotel in Menya with breakfast and dinner
  • 2 nights at hotel in Luxor with breakfast
  • 2 nights at hotel in Aswan with breakfast
  • 1 night onboard of sleeper train Aswan/Cairo with dinner and breakfast
  • Lunches during desert safari
  • Beverages during desert portion of the tour: Mineral Water, Juice, Tea, Coffee
  • Professional English speaking escort through the desert trip
  • Professional English speaking guide (other languages are available) for all tours mentioned in itinerary
  • Entrance fees for mentioned sites as per itinerary
  • Meet and assist service and round trip transfers as per itinerary
  • Private air conditioned minibus for all transfers and tours
  • 4x4 Cars for desert portion of the tour
  • First Aid Kit and Emergency Gas/water Tanks
  • Safari Equipment: Tents, Mattress and Ice Box
  • Taxes and service charge
  • Assistance of Stylish Holidays throughout the trip
Package excludes
  • Airfares
  • Entry Via to Egypt
  • Beverage during meals
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Any personal expenses



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Optional Tours

Cairo Optional Tours ↓

Alexandria Day Trip

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceTake a fascinating private tour to Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern and is famous for its Roman remains. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 312 B.C., and was the capital of Graeco-Roman Egypt.

Luxor and Aswan by First Class Seating Train

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceEnjoy two days excursion to Luxor and Aswan travelling with first class seating train to discover spectacular sites in Luxor including the West bank tombs and temples, the valley of the kings, also the East Bank temples of Karnak and Luxor, and the Major Aswan sightseeing the High Dam, temple of Philae and the Unfinished Obelisk

Egyptian Museum & Coptic Cairo

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceRelish a trip to the Egyptian Museum which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period. The museum displays a rare collection of 5000 years of art which is considered the largest most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world. And continue visits to the Coptic Cairo churches and monuments

Citadel Salah El Din, Old Cairo & Khan El Khalili

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceEnjoy a visit to Salah El Din Citadel which considered one of the most Cairo’s attractions, it was constructed by Salah El Din on the Moquattam hills in 1183 AD to defend Cairo from the armies of Crusaders. Also visit the Old Cairo Coptic sites including the Hanging Church, Church of St. Barbara, Church of Abu Serga and have a visit also to Ben Ezra Synagogue

Coptic Cairo, The Hanging Church & Abu Serga, Ben Ezra

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceDiscover the ancient sites and culture of Coptic Christians during a tour through Old Cairo. Visit Abu Serga where the Holy family sort refuge, and Ben Ezra, one of the oldest synagogues in Cairo. Learn about Christian life in Egypt

Egyptian Museum

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceThe second most frequently visited and certainly one of the most important attractions in Cairo is the Egyptian Museum. You will find the fabulous collection of King Tutankhamun and monuments from all periods of Egyptian history, from the pre historic era to the Greco-Roman period

Pharaonic Village, Old Cairo & Felucca Ride

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceA fantastic journey to the days of the Pharaohs, a time brought to life by an incredible group of actors and actresses, faithful and exact reproductions of buildings, clothing, and lifestyles. Also explore Old Cairo where you will enjoy, the Hanging Church, Abu Sirga Church and Synagogue. End your day with a relaxing experience of a felucca ride in the River Nile

Giza Pyramids & Sphinx

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceGet away from Cairo traffic and noise and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cairo from different view by sailing on board of a felucca on the Nile River; you will be charmed by the wonderful view of Cairo at night.

Alabaster Mosque, Sultan Hassan and Khan El Khalili

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceLook beyond the pyramids and pharaohs, and discover the Citadel of Salah el Din, Sultan Hassan and Khan el-Khalili Bazaars. This tour will give you a deeper insight into the rich history that is Egypt.

The Pharaonic Village

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceThe Pharaonic Village is an experience like no other. The instant you begin sailing down the canals that circuit through the island you are immersed totally in the Egypt of history and legend. Everywhere you look, you will find more and more of the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt, until finally you could believe that you have truly traveled through time to a distant and glorious past.

Luxor Optional Tours ↓

The West Bank

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceExplore Valley of the Kings which is magnificent in its grandeur of architecture, Valley of The Kings containing the masterpieces of the ancient Egyptian tombs and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the only Pharaonic woman who reigned ancient Egypt

Nile Cruise trip to Dendara Temple

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceEnjoy a one Day Nile Cruise trip to Dendara Temple. Sail from Luxor to Dendara along Nile river by boat to see the well preserved Temple of Hathor, Temple of Isis and Coptic Basilica

Sound & Light Show at Karnak Temple

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceExperience the beauty of the Temples of Karnak illuminated against the darkness of night as the pharaohs of the New Kingdom take you to a journey into Ancient Egyptian history at the Karnak Temples, the greatest example of worship in history and was dedicated to the God Amon, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu.

Day trip to Edfu and kom Ombo

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceGet excited by our daily excursions to the to Edfu and Kom Ombo by horse carriage to visit the majestic temple dedicated to Horus and then transfer to see to the Temple of Kom Ombo standing on high grounds overlooking the Nile.

Luxor to Dendara & Abydos

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceCover all Luxor major sites in one day, where you will visit the East bank and West bank monuments like Karnak Temples, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut also known as El Dier El Baharai temple.

Trip to Cairo by flight

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceDo not miss a blissful day sightseeing tour in Cairo while in Luxor. To cover the most attraction of Egypt, you should visit Cairo, which includes Great Pyramids of Giza, The mighty Sphinx, the Unique Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo Coptic churches, and Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Full day Tour in Luxor

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceCover all Luxor major sites in one day, where you will visit the East bank and West bank monuments like Karnak Temples, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut also known as El Dier El Baharai temple.

The East Bank

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceA short tour to Luxor’s East Bank temples will gave you a great example of the old ancient Pharaohs live and warship. Karnak Temples, the greatest example of worship in history. And the Temple of Luxor which was dedicated to Amoun- Ra.

Aswan Optional Tours ↓

St. Simeon Monastery

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceSpend a sensational day tour to St. Simeon Monastery which is located on a hill in the desert on the west bank of the Nile River in Aswan. It is one of the largest and best-preserved Coptic monasteries in Egypt. Most of the construction is said to have taken place during the 7th century and the site was historically significant for Nubian Christians

Sound & Light Show at Philae

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceThe spectacular Sound and Light Show at Philae temple will help you to imagine how the life has been thousands years ago! You will know about it through the legendary Sound & Light Shows which are played at Philae temple, its historical & culture values are simply beyond description, latest lighting laser and projection technologies are utilized to visualize mysteries of the pharaonic civilization, every year hundreds of thousands attend these magnificent spectaculars to relive the legand.

High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk and Philae Temple

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceWatch the modern engineering miracle of the famous High Dam in Aswan. And watch the ancient engineering miracle or building the Obelisks. After that pay a visit to the elegant temple of Philae dedicated to goddess Isis, goddess of magic.

Nubian Museum Aswan

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceInterested in Nubian culture, need to know more about the Nubian civilization, then you should pay a visit to the Nubian Museum, which displays thousands of Nubian antiquities that would have been lost under the waters of Lake Nasser after constructing High Dam of Aswan

Kalabsha Temple & Nubian Museum

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceHave a spectacular trip to the temple of Kalabsha, dedicated to Mandulis, the Nubian sun god. And enjoy visiting the Nubian museum which houses thousands of beautiful monuments dating to different eras and built over an area of 50,000 square meters

Felucca trip in the Nile

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceSail on the Nile as ancient Egyptians, using a felucca to experience one of the most famous ways to sail on the Nile River in Aswan. The felucca is a traditional sailing boat made of wood that is used especially for river sailing. They are especially popular along the Nile River in Egypt.

Nubian Village by felucca

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceExplore the Nubian Village in Aswan by strolling through shady alleys and gardens is a wonderful way to experience life on modern Elephantines. At Nubian house, the owner serves tea, sells Nubian handicrafts, and can arrange live music and dancing or henna 'tattoos' with local women.

Aswan to Abu Simbel by Bus

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceGet ready for an inspiring early morning trip to visit Abu Simbel. The two Temples of Abu Simbel, with their unique style, are considered the masterpieces of ancient Egypt. The Egyptian government and UNESCO decided to co-operate in order to save these temples from the flood.

Kom Ombo & Edfu

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceWhile in Aswan, expand your sightseeing to Kom Ombo and Edfu cities, which have remarkable temples. Kom Ombo Temple, which stands on a high ground overlooking the River Nile. Then onto Edfu Temple which is dedicated to god Horus and it considered the best preserved cult temple in Egypt.

Kalabsha Temple Aswan

Dinner Cruise Belly DanceEnjoy a half day tour to visit Kalabsha temple, which lies on the west bank of Lake Nasser, which is dedicated to the Egyptian god Horus and the Nubian god Mandulis


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