Stylish Adventures

Stylish Holidays is an Egyptian share holding DMC, with managers and staff experience that goes back to more than 2 decades in hosting distinguished guests from different corners of the world.

The Stylish Adventures department is established to be specialized only in all adventure trips covering every destination in Egypt and surrounding countries. Our staff is working hard and spares no effort to become the pioneer in adventure travel to Egypt

Stylish Holidays – Adventure department has a commitment to preserves the local environments and communities in all destinations we organize trips to, in a way the exciting Egyptians regions will stay that way for generations to come.

Stylish Adventures Staff consists of expert in the field of adventure travel. And have enough experience in all Egyptian adventure destinations, sites, transportations and accommodation facilities, to ensure that all our guests will get a unique trip and once in lifetime experience

Our staff has been carefully chosen, making sure that they carry our values as a team, in addition to excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They have received a wide variety of professional training to cover every aspect according to international standards. Our staff is composed of multilingual graduates of international schools with a cultured background, fit to be qualified representative of our country.

Stylish Adventures is offering both privately guided trips and small group trips, in addition to tailor made trips. We thoroughly review all of our itineraries to ensure they meet with the highest set of quality standards.

One of our specialties is to design long adventure trips in Egypt and surrounding regions combining adventure, culture, sports, and funny spirit, which keep our tours and packages unique among other packages

For adventure travelers, with more traditional taste, we provide the timeless trips to Luxor, Aswan, Nile cruises, and all historical sites. Also, our company has long experience in organizing trips specializes in the metaphysics of ancient Egypt, covering the historical aspects of the ancient Egyptians as well as their spiritual and metaphysical beliefs and how it affected ancient Egyptians technology, and making them civilization leaders for thousands of years

Our packages and tours are well designed to keep most competitor prices and maintaining highest level of service quality, all components included in our packages are “must have” and “must see”, that means, what guest pays for will use it all

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